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Custom Lids

Custom Lids – Fibreglass Concepts

Custom Lids
All custom lids from 1988 onwards. Early model vehicles including duel cab, extra cab and single cab.

All custom lids come with stainless steel fittings (hinges etc).

Custom Lids: Mini Ute Leathergrain

Custom Ute Lids

XD to XH Smoothpainted

FJ Ute Leathergrain

HQ – WB Ute Smooth Painted

Custom Lids: Tundra Custom Slim Lid

XR to XY Smooth Painted Slim Lid

XA to XC Smooth Painted Slim Lid

Toyota Landcruiser Hard Lid

Ford F100 ’58 Model Slim Lid

2012 Ford Ranger BT Mazda Duel Cab

HQ-WB Smooth Lid with twin hubs

HQ-WB Smooth Lid Twin Hubs